2013 Player Spotlight: Demetrius Dyson

Many people (including me) do not know the entire Minuteman roster from top to bottom. In the next eighteen days until the start of the season I will be highlighting all twelve eligible members of the team. Since everybody knows all about the Chaz Williams, Raphael Putney and the other stars who have been around for a few years, I will start with the freshman and work my way up to the starting five.


Demetrius Dyson, FR

 Today’s player spotlight is on Demetrius Dyson, a shooting guard from the Memphis suburbs who was ranked a two star recruit by ESPN. According to GazetteNet.com, Kellogg was able to sign Dyson due to his connections with players and coaches in the Memphis area that he formed as an assistant coach at the University of Memphis. Dyson was heavily recruited by the University of Memphis, but luckily opted to play in Massachusetts instead.

As a shooting guard, Demetrius will probably play behind Derrick Gordon, the Western Kentucky transfer and may not see considerable minutes. That being said, if he can shoot well and play defense, I wouldn’t be surprised if DK gave him a chance as a Jesse Morgan type replacement. I’m excited to see how he plays.

The next Player Spotlight will feature fellow freshman Zach Coleman. Also, keep your eye out for the our segment Know Your Assistant Coach.

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