2013 Player Spotlight: Seth Berger


Another freshman coming at you. This guy is Seth Berger, a forward from Ballard High School in Seattle, Washington. Berger was ranked a three star recruit by ESPN and there seems to be a lot of hype about his abilities. Instead of going on about his athleticism, presence around the rim and scoring ability, I will let this clip of him do the talking:

I look forward to seeing some highlights like these come out of him in the Mullins Center this season. He will definitely be an good addition to the Minutemen’s already strong front court and has the possibility of being a key member of the team in future seasons.

  • Toaster Strudell

    You should find that kid in the grey at the beginning of the video and interview him. I think his head almost exploded with excitement!

  • Slim Phil

    This kid does look like he has some talent around the rim. Hopefully DK gives him some playing time this year, though coach has a habit of not letting the freshmen play too much.

  • Adam S

    That’s true, especially because there are so many upperclassmen this year. Maybe there will be some blowouts early in the season so the freshmen can get some minutes.

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