2013 Player Spotlight: Zach Coleman

Zach Coleman is the third and final eligible* freshman to be spotlighted on The UMass Basketball Report. Coleman is a 6’7″ small forward from Dallas, Texas. ESPN rates him a three star recruit and bills him as a good shooter and passer. Surprisingly, Zach passed up on an offer from SEC powerhouse, Missouri, to play at UMass. Perhaps this is a testament to Derek Kellogg’s recruiting skills, or maybe it has more to do with Trey Davis, the Minutemen’s sophomore point guard, who is his cousin!

I like to imagine they spent their childhood practicing full court press, throwing alley-oops to each other and diagramming plays on their etch-a-sketches instead of sitting around playing video games, like I did with my cousins.

Here is a video via Game Day High School Sports that highlights his passing and finishing skills:

It looks like Zach Coleman will be a great fit for the Minutemen. I look forward to seeing him play some great basketball this season and in seasons to come.

*Clyde Santee, a fourth freshman on the roster will be red-shirting this season

Edit: A commenter on umasshoops.com pointed out that Clyde Santee is actually playing this year.

  • A

    What will his impact be?

    • Adam S

      Honestly, he probably won’t play much this season because DK doesn’t usually give freshman a lot of minutes. If he does play, I expect him to play behind Raphael Putney. I think because of his size and strength he has the ability to play in the lane and around the rim better than Putney, but I don’t know if his three point shooting is as good. He definitely is a good passer which I think will make it easier for him to adapt to DK’s fast paced offense.

      • Slim Phil

        I like the looks of this kid. Seems like a good fit for the UMass offensive system.

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