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The UMass Basketball Report Staff

Adam: Avid UMass Basketball fan, media mogul, and the UMBR’s editor, Adam can usually be found scavenging for stale french fries in the dumpsters before every UMass game because he can’t afford to eat at Baby Berk. Fun Fact: Adam averaged one rebound per game in his senior campaign of intramural basketball. He is still waiting for the call from the Hall of Fame committee.

Slim Phil: Phil is a top contributor at the UMBR operation. His “Cady Lalanne Paint Theory” made waves throughout the Twitterverse during the 2013-2014 season and may have negatively influenced the second half of Cady’s season. Fun Fact: Phil can name every major highway in the United States.

Dan: A Microsoft Paint master, Dan once recreated Van Gogh’s Starry Night. However, he forgot to click Save and the masterpiece was lost forever. Fun Fact: Dan once high-fived Raphiael Putney. He hasn’t washed that hand since.

Wyoming Jeff:  Jeff is the UMBR’s Football and hockey writer and also our official Wyoming correspondent. While not meticulously reviewing UMass Football game film, Jeff can be found in the forest, domesticating bears. Fun Fact: Jeff was once involved in a “Donner Party” type situation out in Wyoming. Thankfully he was too bony to be considered for the stew.

Alanna: Alanna is the UMBR’s Amherst correspondent. As the only UMBR writer who is still a UMass student we rely on Alanna to keep an ear on the ground and find out what the young whippersnappers are up to. When not covering UMass basketball games, she can be found drinking straight from the pitcher at McMurphy’s, feeding the ducks at the campus pond or teaching Slim Phil how to Juju on that Beat.

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