Chris Baldwin Commits, Fab Five Within Reach

fab five

Two days. Two program-changing commitments.

Right on the heels of De’Jon Jerreau and Brison Gresham’s decision to play at UMass instead of Miami, Chris Baldwin, a top recruit from Springfield, MA also verbally committed to play for Coach Kellogg next season.

Here’s what this means for UMass:

  • The dominoes are falling. Clearly De’Jon and Brison were a huge factor in convincing Chris Baldwin to stay in the pioneer valley.
  • The Minutemen now have two 3 star and two 4 star recruits in their 2016 class. This is by far DK’s best work.
  • According to 247 Sports, Coach Kellogg’s recruiting class is now ranked #17 in the country. That’s up from #50 just a few days ago. With one more roster spot to work with, we could potentially see UMass in the Top 10 in the not too distant future.
  • Baldwin is the #2 ranked recruit in Massachusetts and now all eyes are on #1, Bruce Brown. He has a strong relationship with coach Kellogg and is the obvious choice to fill the Minutemen’s remaining roster spot. He would be the final piece that rounds out the UMass Fab Five. Brison knows it too.
  • This is a huge win for DK and his staff. De’Jon, Brison and Chris have each said that it was the character of the coaching staff that convinced them to play for UMass.
  • Huge props to assistant Coach Adam Ginsburg, who Chris mentions by name in his announcement. His claim to fame used to be recruiting J.J. Barea to Northeastern. Now it can be getting Chris Baldwin to UMass.

  • Today was another stressful day for UMass fans, but I think we are all happy to see things going Coach Kellogg’s way.


  • Slim Phil

    How much effect do you think the new Champions Center practice facility is having on luring recruits? I’d say it’s not an insignificant factor. Dedicated training areas, practice courts, study rooms, etc. are keeping UMass up with the times in college hoops, and the investment may be paying off already.

    • AdamUMBR

      I agree. Not only does it help UMass compete with the power conference basketball programs, but it also shows their commitment to their basketball players. Now this is pure speculation, but when high school kids like De’Jon and Brison go on a visit to Miami and watch a football game they might not feel like basketball is the number one priority over there. Meanwhile, UMass now has a physical representation of how much basketball means to the school

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