De’Jon Jerreau and Brison Grisham Commit to UMass


For those of you living under a rock, Derek Kellogg pulled off the biggest recruiting move of his career today when De’Jon Jerrau and Brison Gresham, a highly touted pair of Louisiana high school students, committed to UMass over Miami. Not only is this a possible turning point in the UMass basketball program, but it will validate the work that Derek Kellogg has done in the past few years and erase some of the criticism he has faced in the post Chaz Williams years.

Today was the culmination of a long, drawn out recruitment and a lot has been written on the process. I think the best way to sum it up is a play-by-play of how I and most of UMass Nation was feeling today around 3pm

De’Jon Jerreau and Brison Gresham Nearly Kill Me

Here is the story of how UMass basketball once again nearly killed me.

2:57 – Close the door to my office, create an Outlook event called “important work stuff”, settle in to watch the live stream. Heart Rate: 70

2:59 – Stream isn’t on yet. Refresh link 47 times. Laugh nervously. Heart Rate: 75

3:00 – Live stream is definitely not working. Compose a threatening tweet to Dan Malone. Too big of a pussy to hit send. Laugh nervously, but a little higher pitched this time. Heart Rate: 80

3:01 – Word comes in that the live stream will be delayed 5 minutes. Unclench asshole. Drop mouse due to sweaty palms. Heart Rate: 80

3:06 – Stream coming through. Get a glimpse of De’Jon and Brison. Stream gone. Stare at screen. Contemplate murdering a passerby. Heart Rate: 90

3:07 – Stream is back! De’Jon grabs UMass hat. Brison grabs Miami hat. Stream freezes. Heart Rate: 100

3:07:15 – Stream unfrozen. I start to black out. The two logos are indistinguishable. Heart Rate: 120

3:07:16 – De’Jon and Brison are both wearing UMass hats! It’s a miracle! Heart Rate: 100

I can only imagine everybody else had a similar experience. I like to imagine that the economy of Massachusetts slowed a noticeable amount during that 10 minute stretch, but i think only around 300 people were watching the stream. Oh well, the band wagon fans will follow.

Thoughts on 2016

I know it is way to early to start thinking about next season, but it is hard to not get excited after today’s events. With the addition of De’Jon and Brison, the 2016 roster already looks stacked. The next piece of the puzzle will be whether or not Bruce Brown commits to the Minutemen. He is a Massachusetts native, has already visited UMass and De’Jon and Brison are pushing heavily for him to join them in Amherst next fall.

The only problem that DK is going to have is how to split up playing time among his many stars. Now that’s a good problem to have.


  • Slim Phil

    Excellent play-by-play!

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