Fan of the Week: Amanda

Amanda Fan of the Week

Name: Amanda


Favorite UMass Player: Chaz Williams (and not just because he shares an epic name with my sister)



Favorite UMass Basketball Memory: Rage in the cage junior year. It was veterans day and after taking down two kegs we barely made it to the game. However, we persevered and willed the team to victory.

Which UMass player would you take as a ‘ruit partner?: any one of them cause they’re so tall, you try to call elbows cause they’re reaching halfway across the table, but that’s just their forearm

How much hair gel do you think Derek Kellogg uses per game: 2-4 gallons depending on how fresh he’s tryin’a look for tha ladies

  • Jake

    This is horseshit what a terrible fan choice

  • A

    You might want to be careful selecting Freddy Riley. You might get more than you bargained for…
    Unless of course you knew exactly what you were bargaining for!!!!

  • Slim Phil

    I remember that Veterans Day. The Second Annual TBF Multi-Keg Dayger Tribute to America Party for the Troops Sponsored by Keystone Light. A classic.

    • Dan

      Phil, your “avatar” kind of looks like a swastika

      • Slim Phil

        Damn, that’s unfortunate. Honestly have no idea how to change it though.

        • Adam S

          I think I can fix it from my end. I’ll see what I can do.

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