Fan of the Week: Bill Berger

bill berger

The UMBR is proud to present the first Fan of the Week of 2016. Introducing Bill Berger!  You may know him as the father of Seth Berger or as @billberger32, probably the most prolific tweeter in UMass Basketball history.

1. Who is your favorite UMass basketball player?
That’s easy, Seth Berger. I would, however, like to see him get a few dunks this year. That’s not too much to ask, is it? 
2. Who is your favorite UMass basketball player that isn’t Seth Berger?
That’s easy too, Dr. J. I grew up watching the Doc play in the NBA. As a kid, I was (and am) a Laker fan. In 1983 the Doc led Sixers swept the Lakers in the finals. I bet a pizza with a girl in my 9th grade History class, who for some reason was a Sixer fan. I never paid up. That’s how I roll, tho. 
3. What is your favorite/most memorable UMass basketball moment?
I remember when UMass made that run in the NCAA tourney. I liked how tough Lou Roe was, he would go to the basket hard and that dude could board like no other even though he wasn’t that tall. I think it was in ’94, I believe the A-10 tournament, I can’t remember who they played, but I remember he threw down this vicious dunk over two guys, amazing.
It was also fun to watch the guys make an appearance in the NCAA tourney when Seth was a freshman. I remember getting a text from him, “Dad, we watched this tourney on TV, now I am playing in it!” Such a great moment!!!
4. If you and Seth could play any father/son duo in a game of 2 on 2, who would you want to play?
I really thought about this question. I think it would be fun to play George and Derek Kellogg. I think I could take George, I would have to because I’m sure Seth couldn’t keep up with DK. 
5. You are know for sometimes “trolling” on twitter (especially when it comes to football). Who is your biggest twitter nemesis?
Wait, what? I am known for trolling? Trolling who? it must be the Patriots fans. There are a couple, although we are united when it comes to UMass Hoops, but probably John Borges (@jborges17). He has some good twitter game and like most Pats fans, is a bit whiney. All good, his tears are my food when the Broncos take care of business this weekend. When the dust settles, John and I bleed UMass basketball! 
Great stuff from Bill! Although I think he may have unleashed the wrath of all the Patriots fans on twitter. I admit that we tend to be arrogant…must be all those championships!

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