Fan of the Week: John

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This week’s Fan of the Week is John Borges (@JBorges17). Congrats, John!

1) Who is your favorite UMass basketball player?

All-time favorite player has to be Chaz.  I was very young during the Camby days.  Chaz had an amazing 3 year run and really made people recognize this program again.  He wasn’t the biggest guy, but he battled and had heart.  Favorite player on the team now has to be Seth Berger without a doubt.  He defends, rebounds and plays hard.  When he asserts himself on offense and plays a little more “selfishly”, he can be an excellent scorer.  Seth is a very solid all-around player.

2) what is your favorite UMass basketball moment?

My favorite UMass basketball moment has to be attending the VCU game during the tourney season a couple years ago.  Game was on ESPN 2 and I believe VCU was ranked.  Mullins was sold out and the atmosphere was electric.  It was exactly what I wished the games could have been like when I was in school a few years prior.  Of course we came away with the win and Chaz sealed it with a late steal.  It was a total team victory and still have videos on my phone of the crowd going nuts.

3) Trey Davis’s mom famously shut off her son’s cell phone data to motivate him to improve his play on the court. If you were coach Kellogg what other similar motivation techniques would you use to fire up the squad for the final stretch of the season? For example, no dessert for Holloway or not allowing Seth to watch the super bowl

I don’t know about any motivational techniques, but Seth can watch the Super Bowl, I guess.  My technique would probably be if you don’t bring effort and intensity on the defensive end, you are hitting the bench.  Also, we had a rough game shooting free throws last game (at least in regulation), so maybe for every free throw you miss in a game, next practice you have to shoot 50 per miss.

4) In his fan of the week article, Bill Berger called you out for being one of his Twitter nemeses when it comes to the nfl. Any words for him and the other Denver fans of Twitter before the super bowl?

I think Bill meant to say I am his favorite person on twitter, not his NFL nemeses.  I am sure we can clear that up.  As good of a guy as Bill is there isn’t a chance I root for Peyton Manning.  Just not in a Patriots fans DNA.  Best of luck to all those Broncos fans because the Panthers are the real deal and it should be a great game.  As Bill said we may not be a fan of the same NFL team, but we both bleed maroon and white.  Go UMass!!!

P.S. Bill- Kiss the Rings :)

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