Fan of the Week: Adam

Making fools of ourselves: Umass vs. Michigan 2013

Making fools of ourselves: Umass vs. Michigan 2013

Here is why Adam is Fan of the week:

  •  He once got in a fist fight with a grown man over a Matty G thrown t-shirt.
  • He always answers when the Annual Fund calls. He doesn’t donate, he just chats with them about the basketball team.
  • He has a Gary Correia autographed sweatband.
  • Just like this famous Wikipedia corrector, Adam has corrected the spelling of “Subbaswamy” in various online publications over 10,000 times.

Who is your favorite UMass basketball player?

I am a big Maxie Esho fan.  He always seems to come up with huge plays when we need them.  He also has a lot of talent (i.e. length).  He reminds me of me when I was his age.  I may have lost a few steps in my advanced age, but you can imagine what it’d be like if I didn’t.

What is your favorite umass basketball moment?

Even though it sucked that we got blown out by Tennessee in last year’s tourney, it was awesome to see UMass playing in the big dance.  My second favorite UMass moment is an urban legend about Hashim “Big City” Bailey. According to the tale, he was caught smoking a blunt at a party the night before a big game. When questioned, he responded with “Don’t you know who I am? I’m Big City!”

In an effort to attract a younger audience, the NCAA has changed March Madness from a basketball tournament to the hunger games. Which current/former UMass players would you draft for your team and why?

Easy! Tyler Bergantino has great archery form.  Guy empties a quiver like it’s his job!  I would also draft John Calipari and I might just hand over the recruiting reigns to him.  I’d rather be a scumbag with a bad reputation than dead.  And lastly, I’d take Rick Pitino.  He would double as a guard to assist T Berg with the bow and arrows and as a utility man.  If he can manage to have sex in 6 seconds while eating dinner at an Italian restaurant, who knows what else he can do.

  • Slim Phil

    And everyone knows you can’t teach length!

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