Fan of the Week: Ben


The first Fan of the Week in 2015 is Ben. Way to go, Ben!

Who is your favorite UMass Basketball Player?

Favorite UMass player has to be Raphael Putney.

What is your favorite UMass Basketball Moment?

The Chaz to Putney half-court alley-oop against Saint Bonaventure that was #3 on SC Top 10. That play was bananas.

That play should ingrained in the collective memory of all true UMass fans but in case you forget….PUTNEY WITH THE SLAM!

What would your ESPN ’30 for 30′ film about the Minutemen be about?

UMass: The Road BACK to Glory

What if I told you a once great program was on the rise once again?”
ESPN couldn't afford a real movie poster. They paid a 7th grader in pokemon cards for this

ESPN couldn’t afford a real movie poster. They paid a 7th grader in Pokemon cards for this work of art.

Synopsis: Dr. J and Marcus Camby decide to head back to UMass for Grad School (Masters in Fine Arts), and find out that due to some crazy loophole, they have 1 more year of eligibility left. They suit up and bring the Minutemen to a perfect season and a #1 seed in the NCAA Tournament. UMass makes it all the way to the finals, but is struggling against Kentucky’s platoon system. When all hope seems to be lost, Chaz Williams emerges from the tunnel and takes the court. He rallies the team and they come away with the win. The stat line for the game is as follows:
WOW! What a story. This is sure to be an instant classic. My heart was racing just reading that synopsis. 
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    I’m assuming T-Berg fouled out too

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