Fan of the Week: Billy

Billy Fan of WeekWho is your favorite Umass Basketball player?

“Favorite player of all time has to be Trigger Burke! Can someone please buy me his jersey next year for Chanukah? Dude was insane… 1st UMass number retired, never hear of the guy getting ridiculed on Twitter. He also was once kicked out of an exhibition game against Umass Dartmouth for smoking butts on the court during foul shots! Talk about badass! (source unconfirmed since I made it up). My favorite active player is Cady. Before he was eligible to play at Umass, he was on my intramural team for one game my sophomore year. Needless to say, dude dominated the boards. If we had him for more than one game I’d probably be rocking one of those IM champion shirts. (True story)

What is your favorite UMass Basketball moment?

“My best memory is from our 2010-2011 season opener against Rider. We were down by 22 at the half, and ended up winning by 10. Unlike most, my small group of friends ended up staying the whole game since we miraculously smuggled enough nips in to fill up a swimming pool. It was Chaz’s first game for UMass, and needless to say the first of many comebacks wins for our current team’s nucleus.”

If the UMass Basketball team were to give up basketball and form a family band, what would their name be and What instruments would everybody play?

“Funny you ask, since that’s the type of question that pops into my head when the power goes out at home. First thing that came to mind was that our team would definitely resemble the Country Bears Jamboree from Disney World. It just fits so perfectly… Cady: Big Al with the out-of-tune guitar. Putney: Ted… the emaciated bear who blows on the jug. Maxie (Post concussion): Liver-Lips McGrowl… also a guitarist. Chaz: Henry, the star of the show and lead guitarist Bergantino: Gomer, plays piano DG: Ernest the Fiddler. Trey: Trixie, the singing lady bear who tries to woo Henry & the boys. Clyde, Dyson, and Seth Berger: The Sun Bonnet Trio. The Name of the band logically would be The Zoomass Bears SLAMboree, but due to copyright infringement they would take on the name of Trey Davis’ hipster cover band, “The Dwindling Mavens”

Who do you think will be the most successful player after college?

“Tough choice, I heard the rumors about Putney’s entrepreneurial efforts to expand his business model for “Skinny’s Skimmed Knees & Skin Needs.” So as long as he gets backed by some prominent Venture Capitalists he should be good to go. I also heard that T-Berg made a small fortune off of the bitcoin market, so I say he’s way ahead of the curve. Let’s hope he invests in hair gel with his new earned fortune. After seeing DK roam the sidelines, it seems like hair gel is a recession-proof product at the moment.”
Outrageous. I had to look up the Country Bears Jamboree, but Billy is absolutely spot on with the Zoomass Bears SLAMboree!
I hope everybody is up bright and early for tomorrow’s 11am tip at Dayton. You can catch the game on ESPNU.

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