Fan of the Week: M.J.

MJ Fan of the WeekToday’s Fan of the Week is M.J. LeBlanc, Class of 2010

Who is your favorite UMass Basketball Player?

“Derrick Gordon, really came on strong to end the year. Impossible not to like that kid. Really excited about his next couple of years at UMass.”

What is your favorite UMass Basketball moment?

“Favorite moment of this season or of all time? Oddly, both have happened at The Ryan Center… The Putney block this year was incredible. One of the most athletic plays I have ever seen and the atmosphere at the Ryan Center by all the UMass fans in attendance was amazing. Favorite moment of all time… 2 words: Matt Glass. Dude set the pick of death that led to a game winning layup.. Being there for both of those moments I will never forget.”

 If you could change one thing about this team, what would it be?

“DK’s hairstyle”

Create an alternate ending to this UMass season that I can replace in my memory instead of the Tennessee fiasco.

“Cady gets in foul trouble early and T-Berg comes in and takes over. Gets Stokes in foul trouble and goes off for 30 & 15 leading the team to victory.. After the game he takes out a real bow and arrow and proceeds to fire shots up into the sky as UMass beats Tennessee 88-72.”
Great answers. From now on in my mind, T-Berg was the hero of UMass’ NCAA Tournament run!

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