Fan of the Week: Mike

Mike is Fan of the Week and He Created Something Amazing!

Mike Fan of Week

1. Who is your favorite UMass Basketball player?

“None other than Chaz Williams. He’s the only player that my roommates (Jersey guys) recognize because he’s the best little guy they’ve ever seen play. Chaz is living proof that hard work and determination win every time. He’s also living proof that you CAN teach length. Watching him defend an inbounds pass boggles my mind.”

2. What is your favorite UMass Basketball moment?

“I’m gonna go recent here, just because this moment really exemplifies what’s going on with the team right now- the January 9th game against St. Joes. UMass was down by 1 with about a minute to go in the second half. Deandre Bembry had just made a savage block on Derrick Gordon, effectively shutting the crowd up. Bembry had this cocky look on his face as he dribbled down the court… and Esho smacked the ball right between Bembry’s legs and finished with a dunk. Don’t sleep on Maxie Esho!”

3. Can you do us a favor and perform the song that Tommy wrote in his Fan of the Week question?

Awesome video! Did I just get myself a new ring tone? Yes. Is Mike the musical genius of our generation? Maybe.

  • Gushten

    You spelled “lenth” wrong!

  • Dan

    they really teach lenth the right way on the mean courts of Brooklyn

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