Fan of the Week: Thamy

farewell_to_chazToday’s Fan of the Week is Thamy!

Who is your favorite UMass basketball player?

DG. He is such a dynamic player and he’s the honeybadger. I mean, he’s essentially a Hufflepuff so that’s pretty badass.

What is your favorite UMass basketball moment?

When DG crashed into the media table at the LSU game. I was at that game and even though the stadium wasn’t full there was so much energy.

What famous author would you want to write the story of this year’s Minutemen?

I can just picture it: A Farewell To Chaz, by Ernest Hemingway. If only he was still alive to write it!

What do you think the team should do for their next wacky YouTube video?

A dance/lip sync to Single Ladies. It’s the obvious choice

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