Fan of the Week: Zack


Today’s Fan of the Week is Zack. The only thing he loves more than UMass Basketball is Keystone Light.

Who is your favorite UMass Basketball Player?

It’s gotta be TBerg. Reminds me a lot of myself in my basketball days. Tall  white kid, averaging 2 points a game. I know his struggle of going up against kids much bigger and better than he is, gotta give him props. Also, emptying the quiver is just a great go to move.

What is your favorite UMass Basketball Moment?

Spring break in 2012. UMass went on their run in the NIT, winning all road games on the way to a final four appearance. I went to a watch party downtown with all sorts of old-time UMass fans who were just loving that the team was somewhat competitive again.

Pretend you had  a media pass at a post game press conference. What would you ask the guys and how do you think they would answer?

Q: Maxie, any plans to join Freddie Riley in Canada?
A: No, it’s too cold up there. Does Mexico have a basketball league?
Q: Cady, how have managed to keep yourself above the fray at UMass and avoid becoming the next Big City?
A: Hashim “Big City” Bailey is a UMass legend. I wish I could party half as hard as he did
Q: DG, what is going to be the name of your 30 for 30 film that ESPN is obviously going to make?
A: “Double Dribble: The Derrick Gordon Story”
Q: Donte,  what’s the best party you’ve been to since you’ve been at UMass and why is it the “Cance Dance”?
A: The party so nice, they named it twice!
Q:  Where was the best place to pick up chicks at UMass back in the day?
A:  Have you seen my hair? Every place was a good place to pick up chicks.
  • Daniel Stein

    Wow. Top 5 fan of the week post. I was cracking up! Also Zbo that picture is incredible

    • Slim Phil

      These are the kinds of Fans of the Week we need!

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