Freddie Riley Drafted 17th overall by Mississauga Power

Freddie Draft

Good news keeps on coming for Minutemen alumni!

I know most of you were glued to the T.V. for Sunday night’s NBL Canada draft, but in case you weren’t, the UMBR is here to fill you in on all the action. UMass’s own Freddie Riley (Class of 2013) was drafted in the 3rd round, with the number 17 overall pick, by the Mississauga Power.

Freddie joins a talented draft class for the Power that includes #1 overall pick Jordan Weidner (Indiana Wesleyan), #16 pick Robert Dewar (University of Alberta), and #20 pick Marquis Lee (St. Catharine College).

Must-watch footage from the draft:

Freddie Riley on being drafted to the NBL Canada:

The UMBR’s newest field correspondent, Nicole Grenier, was able to score a rare interview with the future NBL Canda All-Star and he did not balk at answering the tough questions:

NG: What was your first thought when you found out you were being drafted?

FR: Finally a chance to prove myself!

NG: How do you think you will contribute to the Power in your first season?

FR: They want me to come in and score so that’s what I’m going to do, as well as play great defense, lol.

NG: What are you most looking forward to about moving to Canada?

FR: Ready to experience a different culture and society

NG: What did your family say when you told them you were going to play in the NBL Canada?

FR: Everyone was happy and excited for me to be able to continue my basketball career.

Powerful stuff from our newest staff member. We hope to see more hard hitting journalism in the future from this talented young reporter. Special thanks to Freddie Riley for agreeing to be interviewed.

More on the Mississauga Power  and the NBL Canada:

The Mississauga Power, out of Mississauga, Ontario, are 1 of 8 teams which currently play in the National Basketball League of Canada. Founded in 2011, the NBL Canada has slowly gained popularity over its three years of existence and just signed its first national broadcast deal with beIN  sports for the 2014-2015 season.

Mississauga is technically a city, but is essentially a giant suburb of Toronto. It is located on the west side of Toronto, but with a population of 713,000, it is still considered the 11th largest city in Canada. Despite being in Canada, the  Greater Toronto Area surprisingly has a lot to offer. Its nightlife, arts, entertainment, and dining are some of the best in Canada. It’s even home to one of the largest shopping malls in all of Canada!!!!

Best of luck to Freddie warding off the cold winter winds (and the even colder stares of the French Canadians). We look forward to seeing him light up crowds with his patented deep three’s and creative layups.  As they say in the NBL Canada: “It’s Showtime!” (“C’est Showtime!”)

Cue the grainy highlight footage!

  • Slim Phil

    This is great news for Freddie! Hopefully the year off after graduating hasn’t affected him much and he’ll be able to contribute to the Power right away.

    Also, great reporting from Nicole. I hope we see much more in the future!

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