Knee Jerk Reactions: Comeback Win at St. Bona

Jabarie Hinds and Zach Coleman (MassLive)

Jabarie Hinds and Zach Coleman (MassLive)

UMass has a habit of losing games at St. Bonaventure and Wednesday’s game looked no different. After dominating the first half, UMass looked to have let the game slip away. Miraculously, St. Bonaventure coughed up the ball with seconds remaining and Jabarie Hinds drilled a three to give UMass the lead for good, 55-53.

Knee Jerk Reactions

  • St. Bonaventure/Olean is one of the worst places on the planet. I went there once for a wedding, literally nothing to report.
  • There are only two things to do there: Watch Bonnies games and develop an alcohol problem, usually at the same time.
  • When the camera panned over the crowd all I could think of was that everybody looks like an extra from The Place Beyond the Pines
  • There was some classic questionable home cooking by the referees. They missed at least two obvious goal tending calls on the Bonnies.
  • I’ve also never seen more travels called. Esho, Coleman, Lalanne, and Ndoye of St. Bona all were whistled for walking.
  • Announcing was hilariously subpar as well. They didn’t reallize that their mics were recording during commercial breaks so we had to listen to these idiots count rebounds on their fingers.
  • One of them kept calling T-Berg “Bergatillo,” like he was speaking Spanish.
Tyler Bergatillo, UMass' recent transfer from Universidad de Tijuana

Tyler Bergatillo, UMass’ recent transfer from Universidad de Tijuana

  • The first half was all about defense and rebounding. The trap against Ndoye worked beautifully. He coughed up tons of turnovers and was pretty much ineffective all half.
  • The back court played with poise. Great leadership from Gordon, Hinds and Davis plus continued aggresiveness from Clark was hard to beat.
  • Recently the guards, especially Trey, have been looking to pass first which has vastly improved the assist/turnover ratio.
  • The second half was a different story
  • The offense did not flow. Trey went back into some bad habits, like forcing up deep threes.
  • Thankfully, the Bonnies ran one of the worst plays in basketball history and handed UMass the win. Jabarie nailed a three and the rest is history.
  • Thanks to losses by George Washington, Rhody and VCU in overtime, UMass is now in a four way tie for first place. God, I love the A10.

UMBR Game Ball

This one obviously goes the hero of the day, Jabarie Hinds. Runner up goes to Derrick Gordon. He was an animal on the boards and played great defense. He also had the game changing “steal” during the final UMass possession.

UMBR Dunce Cap

I’m giving this one to Tyler Bergantino Bergantillo. He only played 7 minutes, but he looked completely lost every second he was on the floor. Ay, caramba! This was a  game where T-Berg had a chance to show he could play against a big forward like Ndoye. Instead, he picked up an early foul and was ineffective on both ends of the floor. Keep in mind that he is in line to start at center next season…

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