Knee Jerk Reactions: UMass vs. George Mason

treyUMass ground out a tough 66-62 win at George Mason yesterday after trying their hardest to give up a ten point lead. This makes two road wins in a row for the Minutemen, who look re-energized after a sloppy non-conference season.

Knee Jerk Reactions

  • In case you missed it, check out my guest appearance on This is the second year in a row that I provided the preview for the UMass-George Mason match up.
  • Many of the themes from the La Salle win continued on Sunday. DK kept Donte Clark in the starting lineup and the bench was given significant minutes.
  • Don’t look now, but I think Coach Kellogg has been talking to Calipari a little too much. He is playing his own version of the “platoon” system, but instead of 10 future NBA players to work with, he has T-Berg.
  • Cady made up for his miserable performance last week, with an almost dominant game. He managed a double-double and has some key offensive rebounds. Most importantly, though, he was able to stay out of foul trouble.
  • I say almost dominant because he wasn’t as much of a force on the defensive end. His counterpart on George Mason, Shevon Thompson finished the game with 12 points and 16 rebounds.
  • Speaking of fouling out, Maxie Esho picked up Cady’s slack and fouled out with just over a minute remaining. I guess he can’t be a hero every game.
  • Demetrius Dyson and C.J. Anderson have continued to improve and DK has rewarded them with considerable playing time. It seems that they are both finally out of the dog house
  • I tweeted about this during the game, but I am flabbergasted that Coach Kellogg chose to foul at the end of the game instead of allowing George Mason to attempt a three pointer for the tie. When he used this strategy against Manhattan it completely backfired resulting in this embarrassing play that pushed the game into overtime.
  • I have to give DK credit, because the strategy worked this time. And to be fair, George Mason did hit a game winning three-quarter court shot earlier in the season.

UMBR Game Ball

The game ball today goes to Trey Davis. He got his shooting mojo back, at least for this game. He also grabbed a game winning rebound off of Cady Lalanne’s missed free throw near the end of the game.

UMBR Dunce Cap

The dunce cap goes to C.J. Anderson. He was on the court for 20 minutes and didn’t record a single shot attempt. Even T-Berg was able to put up at least one.

  • Slim Phil

    Readers, that is the first good thing Adam has ever said about Demetrius Dyson. Golf clap!

    • AdamUMBR

      Just wait until you read the next article!

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