Knee Jerk Reactions: UMass vs. La Salle

Maxie EshoThe Minutemen responded from an embarrassing home loss to St. Bonaventure by handling La Salle on the road 71-65. The most impressive part? They were able to overcome significant foul trouble by Cady Lalanne.

Knee Jerk Reactions

  • A round of applause for Maxie Esho. Last game, there was a clear lack of leadership, but last night Esho filled that role. He hit a three pointer in the first half and made some seemingly impossible lay ups. He also had his first double-double of the season
  • For those of you who were listening on the radio, you know that the athletic department is really pushing those bobble heads. There is now a creepy Sam the Minuteman bobble head to go along with the creepy Derek Kellogg bobble head.
  • Coach Kellogg FINALLY listened to me and shook up the starting lineup. It was always his intention to have Jabarie Hinds come off of the bench as the sixth man, but since Berger’s injury he has been in the starting lineup. Against La Salle, he gave Donte Clark the nod instead.
  • It worked out as both Clark and Jabarie played well, scoring 7pts and 9pts respectively.
  • I was surprised to see C.J. Anderson play so many minutes. Only Derrick Gordon and Maxie Esho were on the court more than him.
  • It sounds like DK is finally learning to trust his bench. Dyson, Anderson, Coleman, Hinds and Bergantino all played a significant role in the win. In fact at one point in the game he played all five bench players at the same time.
  • DK and the players responded well to foul trouble. Cady Lalanne spent much of the first half on the bench, but Coleman and Bergantino stepped up (Esho too).
  • Just looking at the stat sheet, T Berg didn’t have a huge impact. However, he made a ton of “intangible” plays like sealing out his man to provide easy layups for his teammates, boxing out Steve Zack and most importantly, playing defense without picking up fouls.
  • Zack Coleman hit a couple of big three pointers. If he works on his inside game a little more he has the potential to be another Terrell Vinson.
  • Turnovers were still a problem and almost cost them towards the end of the game. Derrick Gordon lost the ball on a drive, but luckily possession stayed with UMass.
  • Youssou Ndoye (St. Bonaventure) and Steve Zack (La Salle) both outplayed Cady. So much for him being the best big man in the A10. Hopefully this isn’t another second half slide for Lalanne.

UMBR Game Ball

Who else but Maxie Esho. He had the first double double of his career and was an absolute beast the whole game. In the second half he was suffering from leg cramps, but he worked through them and was able to finish the game. When Cady, T-Berg and Coleman were all dealing with foul trouble, Maxie provided the leadership and maturity that the team needed.

UMBR Dunce Cap

The Dunce Cap goes to Cady Lalanne. He was manhandled by Steve Zack on both ends of the floor and ended the game with only 2 shot attempts.

  • Slim Phil

    Knee-Jerk Reactions to the Knee-Jerk Reactions:
    – I can’t believe this was Esho’s first career double-double! Seems like he should have had one ages ago.
    – Bobbleheads are so ’90s. I remember a classic Pedro Martinez bobblehead I won in a box of Apple Jacks. Great prize and a delicious cereal!
    – Let’s not get too caught up in all the bench minutes just yet. I think DK needs to prove over the next few games that he is committed to expanding the rotation.
    – Great call with Terrell Vinson! UMass sure could use a player of his skills and maturity right about now.

  • Daniel Stein

    UMBR now follows @thatbobbleguy on twitter. The man loves bobbleheads. He retweets every tweet in the whole twitterverse that mentions ‘bobblehead’. Its pretty impressive

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