Double Knee Jerk Reactions: UMass vs. St. Bona & URI

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Just when we thought things might be looking up for the Minutemen, hoping that a year-end run would bring them hot into the A10 Tournament, UMass ends up losing two. Saint Bonaventure 85, UMass 83. URI 68, UMass 50. Knee-Jerk Reactions from both are in your future!

Knee Jerk Reactions: UMass vs. St. Bonaventure

  • This was a tough game to swallow the loss, because the Minutemen actually played very well. Everyone knows that Olean is not an easy place to play for any team, and UMass had this one down to the wire.
  • Great game from the two guards, Trey Davis and Jabarie Hinds. Those two carried the team, but otherwise the scoring was well-distributed.
  • Not a bad game from Rashaan Holloway, who put up 10 points in 21 minutes, which may be his most impressive output since the beginning of the season.
  • The role players contributed nicely when the starters were in foul trouble. Coach Kellogg was allowing the guys to play ball and it nearly paid off.

UMBR Game Ball: UMass vs. St. Bonaventure

Jabarie obviously deserves the game ball. Trey also played well, but Jabarie was the spark plug that brought the Minutemen so close to a big win.

UMBR Dunce Cap: UMass vs. St. Bonaventure

Dunce Cap for this one goes to C.J. Anderson. The potential is there with this kid and we’ve seen flashes of brilliance during the season, but tonight was not one of those nights.

Knee Jerk Reactions: UMass vs. URI

  • This game didn’t play out as well as the Bonnies one. UMass was down huge with the first half and could never recover the lead. Credit here to URI for playing stout defense.
  • Holloway looked good for the second game in a row. Let’s hope he keeps improving throughout the offseason, because the big guy will be a force to be reckoned with come next year.
  • Only five assists all game for the Minutemen? When UMass distributes the ball they tend to score big. Too often in this game, UMass would take a shot without having more than one or two players touch the ball.

UMBR Game Ball: UMass vs. URI

Game Ball goes to the effort of walk-ons Zach Turcotte, Rayshawn Miller, and Chris Lydon, with a combined stat line of 4 minutes and 2 rebounds. Always nice to see you guys get in the game!

UMBR Dunce Cap: UMass vs. URI

Its really hard to pick  a single dunce cap recipient in what was one of the worst showings in recent memory. The blame for a loss like this at the end of the season when the team needs to be playing its best going into the A10 tournament has to be placed on the coaching staff. Preparation, motivation and game management were clearly non-existent, especially during the first half.

Bonus Rant from Adam: “Antwan Space, Get Off My Team”

I don’t often deal in hyperbole, but Antwan Space is the worst player in the history of the UMass program. And I’ll tell you why. In terms of talent and numbers, clearly we can find walk ons and other scrubs who are worse. But considering his potential and the way he has proven he can play in the past, Antwan has been a complete failure. Yes, Derek Kellogg’s hands were tied during the offseason and he was desperate for an experienced big man, but I’d argue that the Minutemen would have been better off without Space. More minutes for T Berg and Holloway, playing small lineups, or even having the opportunity to pick up another grad transfer in his place would have been better.

Look at his numbers during the URI loss. He is the starting forward and played 15 minutes, yet only recorded a single rebound. What the hell, Antwan! Ray Ray Miller, who played two minutes, had the same number of rebounds! I’d trade Hasheem “Big City” Bailey, who was the epitome of uninspired, low energy basketball for Space in a heartbeat.

Clearly Antwan has no investment in this team, has probably already given up on any hope of playing in a professional league and is just riding out the rest of the season while putting in as little effort as possible. Or I could be wrong and he really just sucks at basketball. Either way…Antwan Space, get off my team!

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