Know Your Assistant Coach: Shyrone Chatman

The first addition of Know Your Assistant Coach features 5th year Minuteman coach, Shyrone Chatman.

Chatman was an import from Memphis who came to UMass with Derek Kellogg in the 2008-2009 season. Formerly the Director of Player Personell, he was promoted to Assistant Coach last season.

Chatman played for John Calipari for one season at Memphis in 2000-2001 and then joined the Memphis coaching staff as a graduate. On the Memphis Tigers website, Chatman is described as being a relentless competitor. I think that has showed in his work with the Minutemen.

For those of you who read yesterdays Player Spotlight, you saw that family connections are strong at the Mullins Center. In another surprise twist, Shyrone Chatman is Sampson Carter’s older brother!

Its good to see that Derek Kellogg is loyal to his guys and that the whole organization helps to bring in recruits, including their own family members.

More Know Your Assistant Coach posts coming soon!

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