Minutemen Lose, Bowl Game Chance Fading


Quick recap of the game last weekend, which UMass lost to Old Dominion 36-16. We’re starting to sound like a broken record here at the UMBR, as the Minutemen keep dropping games to teams they should be competing with. But here’s a big picture thought:

Bowl Game Opportunity

In order to be eligible for a bowl game, a team must have a record of 6-6 or better (a few exceptions notwithstanding). The Minutemen are now 1-5, meaning they will have to go 5-1 down the stretch to be eligible. Realistically though, a 7-5 record would give them the better chance of a bowl game invitation, since these bowls are trying to make money and attract viewers. Of course, lately there have been so many bowls that the chance of having too few bowl eligible teams is very real, which would be a positive for UMass, assuming they can muster up the required record. The outlook isn’t quite bleak, but it’s rapidly progressing that way.

QB Controversy Solved?

Here’s an interesting thought from a close friend of the UMBR, ZBeau. What if UMass started using 2 quarterbacks in the backfield at the same time? Slim Phil’s analysis goes thus: not a terrible idea. It would certainly give a different look for the defenses the Minutemen are facing, and it’s clear UMass needs some kind of offensive spark. The issue is at least one of your quarterbacks would typically have to be more on the mobile side, able to run and throw outside of the pocket and not afraid to take a hit. While Ford especially isn’t necessarily a pocket passer and isn’t bad throwing on the move, he’s no Vick either. So it could probably never be more than a gimmick play, not a regular part of the rotation.


2 successful extra points are nice, but no attempted field goals yet again? Someone is going to have to start kicking more to get the meter to budge up.


Slim Phil’s Fun Fact of the Week

Louisiana Tech, UMass’ opponent this upcoming weekend, is the alma mater of Hall of Fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw. Bradshaw actually spent a significant portion of his early college career on the bench, a second string quarterback behind another famous Tech alum, Phil Robertson. That’s right, 4-time Super Bowl champion Terry Bradshaw was, at least at one point, a worse quarterback than the founder of Duck Commander.

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