Minutemen Sneak Past Georgia State Panthers for Win #10


UMass secured a very nice resume building win against a solid Georgia State squad to bring their non-conference record to 10-3. Five Minutemen scored in double figures in a well deserved 74-65 road victory.

Knee Jerk Reactions:

  • I had to watch this game on my phone while trying to look busy in the office. If there were a UMBR game ball for the Christmas to New Year’s no man’s land week at an office job I’d put myself in the running.
  • Now on to the game…very nice to see the offense finally clicking in a somewhat consistent manner. Yes there were times when we took a three way too early in the shot clock and yes the lead probably should have been larger but I’m very confident in how this team is playing as we head into conference play.
  • Absolutely loved the energy from the entire team. Every shot of the bench showed the guys are exited and really want to win. An A10 Championship has to be the ultimate goal.
  • As we know from past years, balanced offense is important in the Atlantic 10. In Wednesday’s victory, Holloway, Donte, Pipkins, Deeky, and CJ all scored 10 points or more. As they say, teamwork makes the dream work!
  • Speaking of teamwork, Pipkins had an uncharacteristically slow defensive night and recorded 0 steals but how about CJ picking up the slack with 5 grabs!
  • One of these days I’d love to see Holloway and Hines both clicking in the same game. It seems like when one is playing well, the other is not. They would be a handful for opposing teams to game plan.
  • Not much offensively out of Lewis, but it seems he may have gotten the memo about shot selection. That’s the beauty of playing in a balanced offense. When your teammates’ shots are falling, no need to be the hero with an ill advised three!
  • Some good energy out of the forwards even though it didn’t show on the stat sheet. I kind of see the group of Berger, Baldwin, Flowers, and Gresham as the wild cards of the team. They come on on the floor for a few minutes at a time and just make themselves as annoying as possible for the opposing offense. They foul hard, rebound aggressively, attempt steals – anything to disrupt on defense and cause turnovers.

Image result for wild card bitches

UMBR Dunce Cap:

In the spirit of Christmukkah, no dunce cap will be awarded today. A true team effort!

UMBR Game Ball:

Game ball goes to my man CJ Anderson. He is really emerging as not only the emotional leader of the team but a pretty good basketball player too. 10 points, 5 steals, and a couple of huge dunks that brought the energy!


The Minutemen head back to Amherst on Friday for the start of Atlantic 10 play. UMass hosts the Bonnies at 4 pm so make sure to duck out of work early and head straight to the Mullins (or your favorite happy hour spot).

The Bonnies are coming off a tough overtime loss to Canisius (Former home of Zach Lewis) and don’t have any particularly impressive non-conference wins. However it is important to note they are 4-0 away from home so far this season with an offense that scores 84 points per game.

This game will come down to three pointers. St. Bonaventure leads the A10 in 3 point field goal percentage while the Minutemen lead the league in 3 point defense. Should be an exciting one as these two teams always come down to the wire.

Fun Fact:

There is literally nothing fun or interesting about St. Bonaventure. Enjoy this clip of UMass beating the Bonnies on a buzzer beater :


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