Rams Batter Minutemen into Submission


Fordham charged into Amherst and bludgeoned UMass’ hopes of a 2-game winning streak in torturous fashion. The invaders from the Bronx breached the steadfast walls of the Mullins Center and pillaged their way to a victory. Bold and noble as the defenders of the keep were, all hope was lost when the valiant Minutemen were hung, drawn, and quartered by the Rams.

Knee Jerk Reactions

  • Various references to medieval siege engines aside, UMass was frankly reckless with the ball in this game. The Minutemen had 19 turnovers, 17 of them accounted for by Jarreau, Pipkins, and Clark. Nearly all of them were unforced.
  • Where was the interior defense this afternoon? UMass actually did a decent job on the perimeter but couldn’t stop anyone once they got inside the 3-point line.
  • Say it with me: Defensive rebounds. Even more than the turnovers, I think poor rebounding on the defensive, not offensive, side of the floor cost the Minutemen this game. Fordham had too many second chance points and that made the difference.
  • Malik Hines may have been the best defensive player when he was on the floor. He played well on the perimeter (which is unusual for a big man) and was quick to bring help when needed.
  • We had a Seth sighting for the second time in a row! Yes it was mostly in the first half, but I think Seth made the most of his opportunity by positioning himself in the right place at the right time and moving off the ball, something his teammates could take a few clues from.
  • Holloway is at his best when he gets the ball down low and makes a quick decision to turn one way or the other. If he holds on to the rock too long or dribbles in one place while trying to back up, the defense is able to set their double team.
  • I was surprised to see Bison get the start again, but the more he was on the floor the better he became.
  • Deeky had 9 dishes but countered that with 8 turnovers. Yikes. And although those 3 alley-oops to Bison were pretty epic, it became clear that Jarreau was looking to his high school buddy too often, forcing in bad passes which Fordham could anticipate.

UMBR Game Ball

The game ball goes to Donte Clark, who did his best to will the team to a win but came up short. The majority of his shots were good looks (50% from the floor), he hit clutch free throws, and played defense with energy. Too bad his efforts were foiled.

UMBR Dunce Cap

This one is going to Coach Kellogg. They don’t give you anything extra for finishing the game with spare timeouts, coach. The fact that we had one left and didn’t use it on 2, maybe 3, opportunities in the final 40 seconds is unfathomable. This is a young team that needs the structure a timeout and play draw would have provided.

Where to Next?

UMass heads to the Gateway of the West to take on the only team worse than them in conference so far this season: Saint Louis.

Fun Fact: SLU has a campus in Madrid, Spain. Neat!

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