The Real Reason Chaz Has Been Overlooked by NBA Teams this Summer: Toga

Yuki TogashiIn The UMass Basketball Report’s most recent article, “NBA Draft Update: Atlantic 10”, we learned that Chaz Williams is still “patiently waiting” for a camp invite from an NBA team.

Granted we weren’t expecting Chaz to be a lottery pick , but for a player with such an impressive college career you’d think that at least one team would give the guy and chance to prove himself.

I always thought that Williams had a chance to be a crowd favorite in the NBA. In addition to his on the court skills, he  has a great attitude about the game that fans love. He’s a little guy with a huge heart who always gives his all on the court. Not to mention his mom would give Ray Allen’s mom a run for her money as unofficial coolest mom in the league. Chaz is a unique player who could really stand out from the crowd…or so I thought.

momma chaz

Chaz’s Mom could out cheer Ray Ray’s mom any day of the week

Enter Yuki Togashi, a.k.a Toga, a 5’7″ pg from Japan who has been lighting it up with the Dallas Maverick’s summer team.


Toga taking it to the rind

Togashi has a similar style of play as Chaz. He’s a quick, little guard who can slash to the hoop and score, nail step back jumpers, and knock down threes. See the clip below (which has 430,000 views!) of his 12 pt. performance off the bench in Las Vegas.

How can Chaz compete with that?!?! A diminutive point guard with a huge heart and a cool nickname AND he’s Japanese?!? That’s just not fair. Chaz really needs to step up his game in order to compete with this guy and attract some attention from GMs around the league.



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