Sampson Carter to Play For BC Prievidza in Slovakia

Sampson Carter SlovakiaItalian sports writer Guido Guida (hands down best name in sports) broke the news on twitter this week that Sampson Carter has signed with the Slovakian team, BC Prievidza. If you read Slovakian, you can check out the press release from the BC Prievidza website. If not, just read the rest of this article.

This is fantastic news for Sampson as he was one of the hardest working players at UMass. After suffering a hip injury his Sophomore year, he battled back to be a key player in the Minutemen’s postseason runs in the NIT and NCAA Tournaments. I can’t even count the number of clutch three pointers he hit in the closing minutes of games, including the game winner over Harvard in 2012.

Already, Euro League pundits are predicting him to be one of the best players on this year’s Prievidza squad. (reputable site, I’m sure) lists Carter as one of Prievidza’s “Top Players.”

 More on BC Prievidza

For those of you who have never heard of BC Prievidza, I am here to help, because at the UMBR we do the research that other UMass basketball blogs won’t do. I apologize in advance to any Slovakians I am about to offend.

For starters, this is Slovakia. It looks like a rotting potato, which coincidentally is the national food of Slovakia! map_of_slovakia

Prievidza is a small city of 50,000 people located in the Nitra Valley near Banská Bystrica (on the map). BC Prievidza is the pride of the city and is famous for being the last winner of the Czechoslovak Championship  before the country split into Czech Republic and Slovakia in 1993(wikipedia). Founded in 1947 (the same year as the Boston Celtics), BC Prievidza prides itself on its winning tradition, including 5 league championships.  Recently, Prievidza has been playing very well; they were the runners up in last season’s Extraliga championship, which I can only imagine is exactly like the NBA Finals but with more sausages and goulash.

In my 15 minutes of research, I have determined that Slovakian basketball is very different from the NBA. In the US, fans yell at Lebron, “Good job, good effort.” In Slovakia, the fans (all twelve of them!) burn flares and chant what I can only assume are racial epithets.


Fun Fact: the current leading scorer in the Slovakian Extraliga is Wesley Channels, another Memphis native who played at Austin Peay.

So good luck Sampson! You are on to bigger and better things.

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    Some of you may also remember Slovakia as a key location in the legendary travel film “Euro Trip”.

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