Skid Continues at La Salle


The UMass losing-to-teams-they-should-probably-be-beating streak continues with another doozy of a loss to La Salle. Despite a decent first half, the wheels fell off after the break and the Minutemen continue to look like the worst team in the league with no hope in sight.

Knee Jerk Reactions

  • Bear with me because there was no video stream and the audio was giving me major difficulties; most of these KJRs come straight from twitter. That’s the strong journalism that you’ve come to know and love out of the UMBR.
  • Rashaan had another great game. It’s amazing what happens when his teammates pass him the ball. Against teams with small front courts the offense needs to flow through Rashaan. I know DK loves his guard heavy offense, but when the play book consists of high screen, jack up a three you’re never going to have success in this league.
  • I’ve been saying it for weeks, GIVE THE BIG MAN THE ROCK! Even Ricky Harris Agrees

  • Donte Clark showed his lack of maturity with a bone headed technical foul in the second half. He’s such a good player athletically, but he has always struggled with game management. Sometimes I’m flabbergasted by his lack of awareness.
  • For a hot second, Donte actually looked like he was going to put together a good game. He came out firing in the first half but then did nothing in the second half.
  • I think DK needs to start looking to the young guys as much as possible. The team can’t be playing any worse right now, so why not give Baldwin, Flowers and Gresham more minutes? I’d rather see the freshman lose games and at least get some A10 experience than watch Donte Clark, Zach Lewis and C.J. Anderson continue to play mediocre basketball.
  • By the way, I wrote the title and most of the opening paragraph about halfway through the first half – that’s how little confidence I have in this team right now.

UMBR Game Ball

Game ball goes to Rashaan Holloway. Not only did he get to the bucket and finish with power, but he got to the free throw line. One big piece missing from UMass’ arsenal this season is that they can’t get to the free throw line. If the Minutemen want to have any sort of success in what’s left of the season, its going to have to be on the back of Rashaan Holloway.

UMBR Dunce Cap

Dunce Cap has to go to Donte Clark. He flat out sucked in the second half . He’s supposed to be leading a team of young players but doesn’t look like much of a leader out there. At this point Jarreau and Pipkins have more poise on the court that he does.

Up Next: Grudge Match vs Rhode Island

Usually Rhody’s annual visit to the Mullins Center makes for a close, hard fought game. This season should be no different as both squads are going to be gunning for a win. The Minutemen are trying to snap a losing streak and the Rams are fighting to stay on the right side of the tourney bubble. A loss to UMass would be devastating for their post season hopes. Isn’t playing the spoiler fun?

Fun Fact: The Providence Place mall accounts for 1% of the economy of Rhode Island (I made that up, but Rhode Island sucks so it’s still somewhat believable).

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