Slingbox Player Saves the Day this March

The Slingbox M1 in all its glory

The Slingbox M1 in all its glory

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If you’re like, me you sit in a cube all day and try not to turn the staple remover into an improvised torture device. That being said, just the daily office grind can certainly feel like torture, which is why March Madness is one of my favorite times of the year. An excuse to zone out and watch basketball during work hours.How can you not love that? However, its always seems that the best games of the tournament are played during the work day. In previous years, I would try to stream the game on my phone or computer without the boss seeing, but the quality was never great. Its 2015! We have self-driving cars and hover-boards. I want to see those buzzer beaters in HD!

Last year, when the Minutemen were getting embarrassed by Tennessee in the tournament, I was watching by myself on my phone in a maintenance closet.* Certainly not ideal conditions to watch your favorite team play. Some years I would even resort to skipping work/school just to get some of that sweet, sweet college basketball action, but  now in my advanced age i’m running out of imaginary dead relatives who’s funerals conveniently happen during the last two weeks of March.


With Slingbox, I no longer have to deal with these headaches. This year, I have been watching all the games in high quality from the comfort of my computer screen or phone using the Slingplayer App. The picture is as good as on my TV at home, but as far as my boss is concerned I am the most productive guy in the office.

I already have big plans for my Slingbox next basketball season. I missed a bunch of games this season because I was on the road or stuck at work for those Wednesday night 7pm tip-offs. Next season, I don’t plan on missing a single game.

What is Slingbox?

Slingbox is a unique technology that lets you watch your home TV anywhere in the world, on any device. That means you get all your live cable or satellite TV channels and recorded shows on your phone, tablet, or laptop. Slingbox has superior video and audio quality through the Internet or your cellular network and is the only technology that delivers the true TV experience you deserve.

Slingbox is true Live TV anywhere you are or want to be – without blackouts, monthly fees, or limitations. Traveling for work? Slingbox lets you catch your home team game even from another state. You’ll never have to worry about buying another cable subscription for your vacation home or second house – you can take your cable with you. Even people traveling overseas can watch live TV back home. When it comes to Slingbox, if it’s on your tv, it’s on.

Benefits of Slingbox:
• Watch Anywhere: No matter where you are in the world, or your backyard – watch and control all of your TV on your mobile devices, live or recorded, over the Internet.
• Stunning Quality: Extend your living room TV experience in sparkling high definition video up to 1080p. Tune in to your favorite programs on your tablet, phone, Mac, PC, or connected TV and enjoy your shows in the best possible quality.
• No Monthly Fees: You already pay a lot of money for your current cable or satellite subscription. Only Slingbox lets you take it anywhere in the world without additional monthly fees.

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So seriously, check out Slingbox. It’s a pretty cool piece of technology and is worth it if you love watching college basketball or football but you don’t have the work/life balance of a drug dealer who lives with his mother.

Many thanks to Slingbox for sponsoring today’s story and encouraging me to TV on the go! 

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