Thoughts from Homecoming at Gillette Stadium

Now that I have recovered from my hangover, I have a few things to say about the UMass  homecoming football game yesterday at Gillette Stadium.

Once again, UMass proved that they could compete with the best schools in the country. No, I’m not talking about the guys on the field, they suck. I’m talking about the tailgate performance put on by the students and alumni. The best play of the day came when a drunken tailgater wandered right past a cop and slapped a passing car. Not his best move, as bystanders got a laugh watching him get cuffed and put in the back of a cruiser.

Its a shame that the UMass fan base can’t transition their enthusiasm for binge drinking into enthusiasm for their football team (its possible to do both, have you ever been to the Midwest?). Even though tickets for students are free, most would rather cram into CBS Scene or Toby Keith’s in Patriot Place than spend any time in the stadium watching football.

As the basketball team has learned over the past few years, if you want to attract students to sporting events you need to win games. Yesterday UMass had a great chance to steal a win against Western Michigan in front of its homecoming crowd. However, a poor decision by Coach Molnar led to them missing the two point conversion for the win and falling by a single point. I want to say I have high hopes for this team, but watching games like that make it hard to be a UMass football fan.

Oh well. At least there only 13 more days until basketball season!


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