Top 5 Fan of the Week Posts of 2013-2014

UMass fans at the TD GardenAs the 2014-2015 College Basketball season approaches, so does another season of UMBR Fan of the Week, where we feature the most dedicated UMass Fans around. In anticipation for the return of Fan of the Week , here is a countdown of the five best posts from last season.

5. Turtleboy

I Like TurtlesTurtleboy gets the number 5 spot in memory of the now defunct TurtleBoySports. What a wild ride it has been for Turtleboy, a true die-hard UMass fan. His blog started around the same time as the UMBR and he was one of the original Fans of the Week.  Everything came crashing down a few weeks ago as his true identity was revealed by enraged Buffalo Bills fans and he was forced to shut down the site. RIP Turtleboy. The world will miss your hot takes.

4. Billy

Billy Fan of Week SmallI was tempted to put Billy at number one solely because of the “Skimmed Knees and Skin Needs” line, but in the end this is a sports blog and Billy doesn’t seem to have a full grasp of how the game of basketball works.

3. Nicole

NicoleNicole grabs the number three spot because she provided an informative inside look at the basketball team. Since becoming Fan of the Week, Nicole has tried her hand at journalism, scoring the UMBR an interview with Freddie Riley when he was drafted in the NBL Canada.

2. Mike

Mike Fan of WeekMike is number two on the list because of his spectacular YouTube video, “Making my way out to Amherst.” How did this masterpiece not go viral? I will be disappointed if we don’t see another UMass inspired remix out of Mike this season.

1. Freddie Riley

umass basketball report with Freddy Riley

UMBR team with Freddie Riley

I still don’t believe it to this day, but we somehow convinced Freddie Riley to become a Fan of the Week. Not only did he agree to associate himself with the UMBR, but he provided incredibly thoughtful and interesting answers.

This season we are looking for more Minutemen faithful to become Fan of the Week. If you want to be the next Fan of the Week, make sure to follow us on twitter and facebook and fill out the form below:

  • Slim Phil

    Let us not forget who wrote the lyrics to “Making my way out to Amherst.” It was Fan of the Week Tom!

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