UMass Falls Short at Rhody


Knee Jerk Reactions

  • Hot start from Holloway and Jarreau. This is how the Minutemen need to start every game. Get the ball to Holloway in the half court and Jarreau on the break. Those two can make plays.
  • Luwane picking his shots well. He didn’t force up as many bad shots as we’re used to seeing.
  • Jarreau did a great job of beating the press and making a lot of nice passes. He finished the game with 9 assists!
  • Rhody switches to zone near the end of the first half and SURPRISE! Rhody goes on a run as the Minutemen force up threes. That being said – Jarreau and Holloway were both doing their best to play the zone right.
  • Lazy defense at the end of the first half and beginning of the second half was what gave the game away. E.C. Matthews made some amazing shots but he was also able to walk down the floor for easy buckets. After a UMass bucket, guys were very slow getting back on d.
  • Free throw shooting (shout out to Holloway who was a perfect 6 for 6) was better than it’s been since the start of the A10 season. I would still like to see guys like Anderson, Clark and Flowers getting to the line more.
  • Great composure by the squad, especially Deeky, in the last few minutes to battle to the whistle. If Pipkins’ three had been good it could have been a textbook foul and score comeback series.
  • Needless to say, the URI/UMass rivalry is alive and well. Looking forward to the next one in Amherst.

UMBR Game Ball

Game ball goes to Deeky. The offense flowed through him and he did an amazing job distributing the ball. Give him credit for his teammates shooting so well from three. He used no look passes and perfect placement to make sure his guys had the best shot at open threes.

UMBR Dunce Cap

Dunce cap goes to the entire bench -Berger/Baldwin/Flowers/Hines/ Lewis. In a tight game, one or two of them needed to step up and that could have been a win. Especially frustrating is Zach Lewis, who is still seems lost on offense and Ty Flowers who has the body and skill to be an amazing A10 player, but just can’t put all the pieces together. Too much of the offense was on the shoulders of Rashaan and Deeky. Give your stars some help!

Next Up: St. Joe’s

Like UMass, St. Joe’s is not having one of it’s best years. The Hawks sit at 2-3 in the Atlantic 10 after dropping their last two. Coming back home against a weaker than normal St. Joe’s team is a perfect change for the Minutemen to right the ship. The first five games of the conference season we knew were going to be tough, but this next stretch of three is make or break. They simply need wins against St. Joes, Fordham and St. Louis if they want to contend for a top four finish in the league.

Fun Fact: The Hawk costume is made up of 360,000 feathers and one loser! (source)

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