UMass Falls Short Against St. Louis But Wins At Blarney

Jim Crews Puked At Blarney

Jim Crews Puked At BlarneyBest sign of all time? I think so.

UMass played one hell of a game, but couldn’t close out on Senior Night. The Minutemen will now go into the Atlantic 10 Tournament having lost two of their last three games. It’s not ideal, but the post season is a new season. UMass needs to look ahead to their tournament opponents and prepare for one at a time. It’s a shame that the Minutemen couldn’t grab one of the top four seeds as it would have made winning the conference championship much easier, but taking the top team in the Atlantic 10 down to the wire is what good teams do. A few unlucky bounces here and there and a couple missed shots down the stretch were all they stood in the way of a UMass victory.

Knee Jerk Reactions:

  • I actually got chills during the senior appreciation ceremony when Sampson, Chaz and Putney hugged at midcourt. i like to think that Putney shed a single tear and it dripped onto Chaz’s head.
  • The crowd was real soft early in the game. I chalk that up to Blarney hangovers. Imagine if this game was on Friday or Saturday night? The Bill would have been a mad house.
  • It’s really great to see the Mullins Center packed. The student section came out strong, but so did the local cotton tops.
  • For the first time in every, I saw some dude trying to scalp his tickets outside. I never thought I would see that happen.
  • The three seniors did all they could to will the Minutemen to victory. Yeah I know Putney and Sampson struggled offensively, but they both played great defense. Evans and Loe of St. Louis are incredible players and I thought Putney and Sampson (Cady too) did a good job defending them.
  • Chaz was just being Chaz as usual. 20 points and 9 assists on Senior Night.
  • Derrick Gordon also came up big. His floater was money and he even hit a free throw! One of these days he is going to learn how to shoot and become a much harder player to defend.
  • The end of the game was very frustrating. UMass had a few chances to put the game away on their second to last possession. Trey missed a 5 foot floater and Cady got stuffed around the rim (the jump ball call) on what looked like an easy two.
  • Overall, the team played with energy. There was lots of floor slapping and charge taking. I know the result wasn’t favorable, but they played with the swagger that it takes to win a conference tournament.
  • UMass PD was on hand to make sure the hungover crowd didn’t get too out of hand, you know, since UMass students look for any excuse to riot.UMass Police

Bonus: Blarney Blowout Knee Jerk Reactions!

  • Year after year, UMass students prove that they love nothing more than standing around in an open field with hundreds of other drunk morons.
  • That being said, being outrageously drunk can make standing around in an open field with hundreds of other drunk morons pretty damn fun.
  • I think Amherst PD has more fun on Blarney weekend than the UMass student body. These are small town cops that never get to do any exciting police work. They have all probably been watching True Detective and wanted to spice up their day.
  • If I was a blue collar cop, I would look for any excuse to pepper spray some punk future accountant. But maybe that’s just me.
  • Anyways, Blarney started out as a bar event that gradually came to include the off campus parties at Puffton and the Townhouses. This event has happened for years, so why all the mayhem this time around?
  • I think the UMass administration takes much of the blame for what happened, So I would like to share my thoughts on the matter.
  • Adam’s Three Point Plan To Fix Blarney Blowout And Save Kumble Subbaswamy’s Career:
    1. Make Blarney Blowout a Campus Event – The biggest problem with Blarney this year is that UMass “outlawed” it. When you tell a bunch of 18-21 year old kids that they can’t do something, it’s going to make them want to do it even more. Blarney should be treated like Homecoming. Invite students on to campus with some sort of Blarney event. Have a raffle, a concert, a barbecue, a carnival or something like that and allow students to tailgate just like they do at the football stadium.
    2. Prevent Parties Before They Start – The way that Hobart Hoedown was crushed was by the Amherst PD going to every house on Hobart and telling them that a party in their backyard would be grounds for eviction and arrest. Why not do the same thing for Blarney? Confine Blarney to the bars where students are safely getting drunk indoors for 6-12 hours. Amherst PD’s strategy of waiting for 5,000 people to congregate an then tear gassing them didn’t really pan out too well.
    3.  No Pepper Spray – When unarmed people are getting pepper sprayed and beaten the ground, it’s not a good look. If the police really want to arrest some drunk youth, they should be able to do it quietly and without excessive force.
  • Agree or disagree, that is my plan. I should run for Governor or something. blarney blowout

Anyways, back to basketball. With the loss to St. Louis, the Minutemen have gotten themselves into a first round match up with New England Rival URI. This is a team that UMass has beaten twice this season, but the Rams are also on a streak of three wins in the last four games. It’s going to be one hell of a game. Unfortunately we at The UMBR have day jobs (surprisingly blogging doesn’t pay the bills ) so we will not be attending the game in Brooklyn. However, we will be there for the Semi-Finals and Finals, so lets hope UMass goes on a tear. And just to keep you entertained, I will be teaming up with Jake Levin of LeviNation and URI’s WRIU for an Atlantic 10 preview. Stay tuned!

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