UMass Loses to GW, The UMBR Officially Endorses St. Bona For A10

St. Bonaventure

Hoping for a St. Bonaventure Win in the Atlantic 10 Tournament

Tough loss, but we have to move on. I know people all over twitter are talking about how bad the team looked, how soft Cady was, etc. We cannot forget that UMass will be playing in the NCAA Tournament, The Big Dance, March Madness for the first time in over 15 years!

Not to mention, there is a silver lining here. UMass will be playing at least one more game come Wednesday. The loss to George Washington guarantee’s them two more days of rest and practice time before they face off against their yet-to-be determined opponent. From here on out, it is a new season. Whatever happened in the regular season and the conference tournament is over. The road to the Final Four is still open.

As for The UMBR, we will still be going to Brooklyn for the Semi-Finals and Finals. However, he UMass loss really threw a wrench into my plan of hawking Get Chazzed Up shirts on the sidewalk in front of the Barclay’s Center. Without UMass to root for, we officially endorse St. Bonaventure as our choice for Atlantic 10 Tournament Champions. For starters, everybody loves an underdog. More importantly if the Bonnies win, the Atlantic 10 will be sending 7 of its 13 members to the NCAA Tournament. So go Bonnies!

Knee Jerk Reactions:

  • I don’t think anybody expected UMass  play their best game. They had just won a close one against URI and GW was well rested. What wasn’t expected was one of worst performances of the season.
  • Besides Esho and Gordon, the Minutemen did not seem like they wanted to win. Chaz couldn’t get anything going until it was too late, Putney looked as lost as Kumble Subbaswamy at Blarney Blowout and Cady played defense like the Pillsbury Doughboy.
  • Speaking of Cady, throughout the season he has morphed from one of the most feared post presences in the Atlantic 10 to an actual liability when he’s on the floor. In the last few games UMass has played their best offense and defense in their three guard lineup with Sampson Carter and Maxie Esho as the two bigs.
  • The end of the second half, when UMass let up a three pointer and then a turnover for a layup, was six seconds that defined the game. Down the stretch, the Minutemen looked like they might have a chance to get back into the game and it was those five points that might have been the difference.
  • One positive note is that even when UMass was down 15 points, they didn’t give up. Maxie kept fighting for rebounds and Chaz didn’t stop scoring. It’s a good sign going into the NCAA tournament.
  • I feel bad for Demetrius Dyson. He managed to hit two threes, but he looked out of his element for most of the time he was in the game. Gordon kept passing to him in the corner where he would quickly get doubled teamed and make a panicked, cross-court pass. He still has a lot to learn.
  • These boys still have some fight left in them. Don’t count them out for a win or two (at least) in the upcoming week.

UMBR Game Ball – Once again it goes to Maxie Esho. The UMBR Game Ball might not be as prestigious or as recognized as the Atlantic 10 Player of The Week, but just like that official award, it is very rare for a player to win it two times in a row. Maxie has proven again and again that he will do whatever it takes to win.

UMBR Dunce Cap – The Dunce Cap goes to Cady Lalanne. This game was the final straw in the decadence of the once mighty Cady. When Slim Phil’s infamous Paint Theory first surfaced it seemed like there may have been a reason behind Lalanne’s mediocrity. However, it seems to be that he may have just lost his mojo after,all.

  • Slim Phil

    Cady is going to have to pull an Austin Powers and time travel to the past to get his mojo back baby.

    • AdamUMBR

      Maybe the big lights of Raleigh will shock him back into his old, dominant ways…but probably not.

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