UMass Loses to Tulane in Homecoming Bummer


The Minutemen squandered another grand opportunity for victory last weekend against Tulane. This one may have been the most disappointing loss of the season considering how well it started. 14 points in 14 seconds in the first quarter and some clutch defensive stops had the UMBR staff predicting an early 127-0 win over the Green Wave. That elation was short-lived, as Tulane slowly crept back into the picture while the Minutemen sputtered. A fourth quarter rally came up short and that was that.


Mike Caggiano made all 3 extra points and Logan Laurent incredibly hit a field goal. How Laurent was allowed to line up a kick after the disasters which were previous seasons is beyond me, but he nailed it nonetheless. So what does the Kicker-ometer do when there are two kickers in the fold? Take into account both of them at once. We’re not clever enough for two arrows here. Win as a team, lose as a team. Kickers for life.

Comis is Back?

So Ross Comis returned to the field in the fourth quarter and led UMass to a touchdown and a field goal. All the announcers made it seem like he was only out because of injury, but Andrew Ford clearly outplayed him during their respective times in the starting lineup. That said, Comis provided a needed spark late in this game. So who gets the start this week against Old Dominion? It’s a toss up, but I think Comis might be in the huddle.

Player of the Game

Andy Isabella had a career night with two excellent touchdown catches in the first quarter and totaled 94 yards receiving. Give the kid the game ball! He and Ford really have some chemistry.

Wyoming’s #1 UMass Homecoming Celebration

As some of you may have heard, Wyoming Jeff and Slim Phil crushed what was far and away the best UMass homecoming celebration in the entire state of Wyoming. Snake River Brewing in Jackson played unwitting host, and did not disappoint. Liter steins of Oktoberfest brew, an oompah band named Woofie and the Bavarians, and some delicious concoction called a bier rock, which in the immortal words of Jeff, is “like a German Beef Wellington. Beef Rommel, if you would.” Let the jealousy flow.


Slim Phil’s Fun Fact of the Week

Old Dominion University’s football team plays at Foreman Field, the same stadium where they originally played from 1936 to 1940 before the team was cut. The stadium was renovated for ODU’s return to football in 2009. In the meantime, Foreman Field hosted, among other things, a college football postseason game known as the Oyster Bowl.

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