UMass ODs on D, Forgets the O in Loss to Richmond

The Minutemen squandered a chance to keep their hopes of success in the A10 tournament alive last night, falling 56-53 to Richmond at home. The loss essentially guarantees that UMass will not get a bye to Brooklyn. Ipso facto (thank you White Goodman), the Minutemen will have to make history in order to win the A10 tourney.

UMass struggled once again tonight. All photos courtesy of Shawn Medeiros.

UMass struggled once again last night. All photos courtesy of Shawn Medeiros.

Knee-Jerk Reactions

  • UMass played a very good defensive game last night. It’s too bad the offense just couldn’t keep up. Cady was an absolute monster on the glass.
  • DG showed some nice hustle getting back on D. He took a great charge near the end of the first half which really fired up the crowd.
  • Despite the score, UMass really looked like they were turning a corner in the last five minutes of the first half. The pace quickened, the defense tightened up, and some good shots were taken, they just weren’t falling. When they came out of the locker room after halftime though, it was back to lackluster basketball.
  • Speaking of the crowd, where the hell was everyone? It was Senior Night, a time to honor Cady and Maxie for their contributions over the years. They were even giving out free t-shirts to the first 1,000 students! But the UMBR’s intrepid on the ground field reporter, Billy the Kid, noticed that they may have had t-shirts left over because no students showed up.
  • Josh Brown (aka UMass’ #1 Fan) made the big screen, probably because he was the only one in the student section who looked like he were having any fun.
  • Speaking of Senior Night, how about Maxie Esho scoring his 1000th career point? Great moment for him, too bad it came in a losing team effort.
  • Also, Maxie Esho is about 2 feet taller than his mom.
  • DK took his jacket off for the first time all season and it was to argue a shot clock violation call. Tough to win an argument against a clock.
  • UMass had 17 turnovers to Richmond’s 9. And not the good turnovers filled with delicious apples either. These were the bad ones caused by buttery fingers and sloppy dribbles. That was the difference in this game. Whenever the Minutemen D would get a big stop against the Spiders, the O would give the rock right back.
  • Trey Davis for 3! No wait a minute. That’s not right. Trey should not be taking the ball in the closing moments of a close game.
  • Chris Mooney looks like he could be an extra in The Wolf of Wall Street.

UMBR Game Ball

Two game balls tonight – one for each of the seniors. Congratulations to Cady and Maxie for helping to bring UMass back to the big time. We’ll always remember Maxie for the high-flying alley-oops and as one of the best sixth men UMass has ever seen. And we’ll always remember Cady as a player with incredible potential who never quite lived up to his talent.

UMBR Dunce Cap

Jabarie Hinds this time. 29 minutes, 1-of-10 shooting from the field. He even looked a little like Chaz running up and down the court last night (almost had a heart attack at the bar when I saw the baggy uniform and shaved head and the dribble swagger), but it clearly didn’t help.

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  • tom massetti

    After a brief (a half to two/thirds of a season) last year, UMass is now back to being irrelevant in the world of College Hoops . . . RIP!

    • AdamUMBR

      It was fun while it lasted! There is always hope for next season, the back court will be stacked.

  • BillytheKid

    Someone needed to get ridiculously confident and take a SHOT! It looked like no one wanted to be the one to miss for most of the game. So we saw pass, pass, pass, turnover or a rushed shot at the end of the clock. No one was shooting well, but as they say “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” and I should probably add that you lose 100% of the balls you turn over. Cady and Esho played with a lot of energy though which was great to see. We’ll miss those big men next year. Also notable that Clark looked like he was holding off in the first half, trying to let the seniors shine? I think they would’ve preferred a W.

    • Slim Phil

      Great analysis Kid. Confidence doesn’t even need to reach the ridiculous level, it just needs to creep up to average.

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