UMass Sails through the Pacific


The Minutemen rode a tsunami of successful three-pointers to send Pacific to the watery depths of Davey Jones’ locker. It was a tale of two halves, with the scalawag Pacific crew putting up a spirited fight before the eye of the storm. But the changing tides turned in the favor of the dudes from Amherst, who carved the through gnarly waves of the Mullins for a righteous victory, man.

Knee-Jerk Reactions

  • Pretty sure the Minutemen just decided to ignore the paint in this one. Hey, sometimes when you live and die by the trey, it actually works out.
  • DK took far too long to adjust out of the full court press. It was clear in the first 10 minutes that Pacific was having no problems getting the ball up the floor. They weren’t scoring much due to turnovers in the half-court which were not caused by the press. In the second 10 minutes of the game, Pacific began beating the press for easy layups. In-game adjustments have never been Kellogg’s strong suit.
  • Really liked what I saw out of Donte Clark today. He was hustling on both ends of the court, contributing more with rebounds and blocks than in the points column. Would love to see this more consistently.
  • Wyoming Jeff commented during that game that this is looking more and more like CJ’s team. He didn’t touch the ball too often but when he did he made the most of it. Where he really shines is in his energy. CJ (and same can be said of Seth) is showing how important it is for the veterans to set the right example.
  • Was that a Coleman sighting? Light the lantern!
  • Jarreau looked pretty rusty from a shooting perspective, but everything else was on point. Deeky was dishing the ball left and right and controlling the pace of the game. He had 8 assists including a highlight reel dish to his boy B(r)ison.
  • Ty Flowers got hot early and he looked like he was on his way to another 20 point game. He ended up 2-6 with all of his shots coming from beyond the arc. He clearly loves shooting threes (probably because there aren’t any fours) – but he needs to get his long ass arms into the paint!
  • Frankly disappointed in Pipkins. Only 3 steals. He’s bringing down his average!
  • Pipkins made a great adjustment during the second half by shying away from the three ball. Early in the game he threw up a few wild shots that were not falling. There are plenty of great three point shooters on the team. Where Pipkins is most effective is driving to the basket and clearing space for his teammates – not to mention his work on defense.
  • This was a good win against a team UMass should beat. Truly the first game where fans, players, and coaches alike could breathe easy in the second half. But if the Minutemen want to have a chance against the better teams moving forward, they will need to assert some form of dominance inside.

UMBR Game Ball

Rayshawn Miller crushed a gorgeous three-pointer on his first shot of the game (season?), so the Game Ball goes to the walk-on. Just ignore everything he did subsequently.

UMBR Dunce Cap

Sorry Rashaan Holloway, but you were outplayed once again by Malik Hines. Dunce Cap for you (taking nothing away from Malik).

On Deck

Ah yes, it’s the annual matchup with the Friars from Providence. Big national TV game too. PC has played an unusually high percentage of New England teams so far (UVM, UNH, URI, and Brown) and has defeated all of them. Time to buck the trend.

Fun Fact:

I-990 in suburban Buffalo is the highest numbered interstate in the USA.

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