UMass Soars Past Dayton Flyers in First A-10 Win


UMass finally got their first A-10 win last night, while simultaneously giving Dayton their first conference loss. There were some rocky parts, no doubt, but the young Minutemen team showed a handful of moments that could signal them finally learning how to come together and play to each of their strengths.

Knee Jerk Reactions

  • Minutemen were riding on dark horses last night – the definite underdog going into the game, but ending up leading on the scoreboard for the majority of the night.
  • UMass forced 19 turnovers from Dayton – at first glance this seems significant, but alas, with 17 turnovers of their own it seems the Minutemen still have some kinks to work out.
  • Last five minutes of the game were the most exciting to watch – the Minutemen started to figure things out, made some clutch baskets, and had the crowd on their feet.
  • Pipkins, Jarreau, and Holloway all put up solid points yesterday – each of them in double digits that contributed to the W.
  • Despite his 14 points, Holloway is showing way too much negative emotion on the court. If he spent half the time he does complaining to the ref as he does to finishing his shots inside the paint and his free throws (2-7…), then we’d be in great shape.
  • A side note on Holloway, I saw on Twitter someone decided to nickname him “Big Jersey,” so I’ll go with that from now on. But I digress…
  • I’m starting to think Pipkins is going to be the soul of this young team. You can see his passion on the court, he really gets the crowd going, and he’s the first person to chest bump a teammate for a good play. Hoping he develops even more leadership skills on the court to rally these young guys together.
  • For any opposing team coaches that took a look at this game, there is a very clear hole in UMass offensive side: double-teams. Every single Minuteman had trouble getting out of a double-team last night, and that’s definitely something Kellogg is going to need to work on moving forward.
  • Speaking of things to work on, UMass free throw stats are scary: 48%
  • Although Donte Clark wasn’t so hot at the basket last night (3-13, 6 points total) he did pull down 6 rebounds and 3 steals, so I’m a fan of the grit he showed last night.

UMBR Game Ball

Pipkins for sure. Love watching this kid play, and you can tell that the court is where he feels like he’s home. Can’t wait to see how he develops.

UMBR Dunce Cap

Sadly, again, it goes to anyone on the team (including Kellogg) who got stumped by double-teaming efforts by the Flyers. Time for some 2-on-1 drills in practice this week.

Next Up: Rhode Island

Another A-10 game Sunday afternoon. The Rhodies are 2-1 in conference, 10-5 overall, so I’m thinking this game could go either way.

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