UMass Suffers Heartbreaking Loss to Ole Miss


The Minutemen traveled down south Monday night for a tough match up against Ole Miss. In the first big road test for they squad they started off strong but ultimately faltered down the stretch losing 90-88.

Knee Jerk Reactions

  • Coach Kellogg’s freshman class looks about as good as advertised. Dejon Jarreau had 25 points, 6 assists, and 8 rebounds on the road in his second collegiate game. He is going to be a superstar. He’s only a freshman, but the team looks lost when he is on the bench.
  • It was a slow start to the game for the Minutemen, but they were able to pull back into the game in the first half as the team got their feet under them. I think this might be a pattern for the season as a whole.
  • Jarreau and Pipkins are going to anchor this squad. The backcourt combo of Jarreau, Pipkins and Clark is great because it means Clark doesn’t have to handle the ball as much.
  • Zach Lewis was in the game for 32 minutes and only had a single rebound. In the final play he let Saiz tip in the game winner right over him. Barely even tried to defend him there. He also shot 10 threes. That’s bad.
  • Donte Clark needs to adjust to having a complete team around him. Its not a one man show! He’s rarely looking for his teammates, closes his eyes and drives into 4 defenders, commits stupid fouls.
  • Loved the athleticism and quick hands on the defensive side for Pipkins. Not only is he stealing the ball from opposing ball handlers, the mere threat of it creates bad turnovers on the part of the opponent.
  • Offensive rebounding lost the game. Rashaan was in foul trouble early because his teammates weren’t boxing out. He had to foul Saiz because he kept grabbing easy offensive boards. You know something is wrong when one player has 19 rebounds including the game winning tip-in.
  • Speaking of foul trouble, how about Malik Hines with 4 in just 7 minutes of playing time? Add in 2 bad turnovers and one measly point, and that looks a lot like a T-Berg line.
  • DK is so bad at holding leads at the end of games. Instead of staying in high speed offense, getting fast breaks, etc. he slows the game to a crawl and the half court just throws it around the perimeter and somebody jacks up a terrible three *cough* Zach Lewis *cough*.
  • Also, don’t they practice beating a zone? It’s DK’s achilles heel. I would have liked to see him put Ty Flowers in just to fill in that soft spot in the zone with his Putney-like arms.
  • DK needed to get the bigs more involved in this game. It’s great when you’re raining three’s but when the shooters go cold it’s critical to have options in the paint.  Only 7 of UMass’ 88 points were scored by forwards or centers.

Who’s Next?

Thursday night’s matchup is against none other than the Temple Owls. As Slim Phil already noted in the season preview, this is sure to be a rocking game at the Mullins. It’s a throwback night, so hopefully we see the old-school uniforms with the curly U. Good chance that old standbys Sign Man and Cape Guy will make appearances, keep an eye out!

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