UMBR on the Radio and Knee Jerk Reactions from URI

zach colemanIn case you missed it , the UMBR returned to the radio, doing a short spot on WRIU as UMass faced URI at the Mullins Center. The Minutemen managed to hold on to a late lead created by back-to back-Zach Coleman three pointers (despite doing all they could to lose ). In the end it came down to execution, and URI made more mistakes down the stretch. UMass prevailed 60-56.

Knee Jerk Reactions

  • The only thing  better than beating URI, is doing it in front of die hard Rhody fan Jake Levin of LeviNation.
  • First let me set the scene. My seat at the media table was about five feet away from the Hoop Band. I could pretty much feel the air from the end of the saxophones. Veteran move  by the UMass athletic department to put the visiting radio station near the band.
  • Tyler Bergantino’s hair looks even more glorious in person.
  • Because classes are not in session, the student section was pretty sparse. Don’t worry though because super fan Josh Brown was loud enough for at least 50 average UMass fans. I’m pretty sure his “No! No! No!” chant was responsible for three missed URI free throws.
  • From the start, the game was incredible physical. Maxie Esho, Cady Lalanne and Zach Coleman all picked up fouls early, but they also kept URI’s Hassan Martin on the bench with foul trouble of his own.
  • T-Berg is the happiest player in college basketball who scores fewer than 2 points per game. In the second half, he missed a wide open layup, but instead of hanging his head he jogged down the court smiling and gave the dance team a wink.
  • Trey Davis was a little lighter on the trigger, which was good for the UMass offense. He didn’t score as many points as usual, but he registered 7 assist and no turnovers. He has a habit of trying to do too much on offense, but in this game he found open teammates instead of trying to force difficult shots.
  • Speaking of turnovers, the 10 turnovers against URI were the fewest by UMass this season.
  • I liked how UMass moved away from the three point shot and won this game in the paint. Maxie Esho dominated the inside in the first half with some gutsy moves.
  • Coach Hurley of URI and Coach Kellogg have very similar coaching styles. They are great recruiters, but could use some work (to put it lightly) on their in-game coaching.

Best of Twitter

This is a new feature we we take our favorite tweets that our followers shared during the game. Make sure to tweet @theumbr during the next game and you could see your “knee jerk reactions” here.

Now that is a knee jerk reaction. Don’t like a decision a substitution by Coach Kellogg? Fire him! @AndyBremmen puts the Jerk in Knee Jerk.

Nothing better than a good pun. Fortunately for UMass, Biggie Minnis played smallie minutes for the rest of the game.

This dude was sitting a few seats over from me in the donors section. He was fired up! I didn’t have the balls to go over and tell him to sit down though. Sorry @umasshoops_com

UMBR Game Ball

The game ball goes to Zach Coleman. I was torn between giving the ball him or Maxie Esho.  Both played great, but it was Zach who provided the spark in the closing minutes that sealed the victory for UMass. After struggling to close out the last game against Davidson, it was encouraging to see a Minuteman hit shots and make plays when the game was on the line.

UMBR Dunce Cap

I’m going to give the dunce cap to Derrick Gordon. He played great defense and even had a pretty impressive block, but was very lost on offense. He only managed five points, only got the three throw line once and had three turnovers.

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